Complete 28-day program.
Targets hair loss.
Regulates the hormonal activity responsible for hair loss.
Reactivates hair growth Reoxygenates the scalp.




Keratin: A pure and natural keratin, perfectly assimilable, which improves the structure of hair and nails.
Rhodiola: Adaptogenic plant that helps to better cope with stress, especially in times of fatigue.
Griffonia: A plant extract titrated in 5-HTP, a precursor of serotonin also called « the happiness hormone « *.
Horse chestnut titrated in aescine: Helps improve blood circulation in the micro-vessels of the scalp*.

Balance Activator – For 2 capsules
Griffonia* 1650mg, Escholtzia* 300mg, Rhodiola* 300mg, N-Acetyl-Cysteine 100mg, Chamomile 80mg, L-carnitine 60m, Vitamin C 60mg 75% NRV**, Marine Magnesium 55mg 15% NRV**, Vichy Thermal Salts 40mg, Sea Water 40mg, Vitamin B3 16mg 100% NRV**, Coenzyme Q10 10mg, Vitamin B5 6mg NRV**100%, Vitamin B2 1.4mg NRV**100%, Vitamin B1 1.1mg NRV**100%, Vitamin B6 1mg NRV**70%, Melatonin 1mg, Vitamin B8 50μg NRV**100%, Vitamin D 5μg NRV**100%.

Keratin Absolute – For 2 capsules
Cynatin HNS 840mg

Detox Microcirculation – For 2 capsules
Milk Thistle 1.35g, Horse Chestnut 1.28g, Alchemilla 1g, Red Vine 600mg, Chlorella 40mg, Vichy Thermal Salts 40mg, Sea Water 40mg, Iron 5mg 36%VNR**.

*Dry Plant Equivalent
**Nutritional Reference Values

Balance activator: 2 capsules in the morning with a large glass of water.
Keratin Absolute: 1 capsule in the morning with a large glass of water.
Detox Microcirculation: 2 capsules in the morning with a large glass of water.
We advise you to drink throughout the day to prevent the organs of elimination, which are highly stressed by phytotherapy, from running dry.

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